Australia Standards PVC electrical conduit, electrical PVC conduit, PVC conduit pipe AS/NZ 2053

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NameITEM CODESIZEO.D. (mm)W.T.(mm)Length (cm)Socket Length (cm)Weight (kgs)Gauge
Rigid MD Electrical Conduitwith Belled Ends AS2053-2:2001 (standard color Grey, can be also Orange)ACMD161615.7- 0.49Medium
ACMD202019.7- 0.68Medium
ACMD252524.7- 0.87Medium
ACMD323231.7- 1.31Medium
ACMD404039.7- 1.87Medium
ACMD505049.7- 2.72Medium
ACMD636362.7-63.033.54007.5 3.84Medium
ACMD808088.7- 6.45Medium
ACMD100100114.1- 10.58Medium
ACMD150150160.0- 20.63Medium
ACMD161615.7- 0.68Medium
ACMD202019.7- 0.95Medium
ACMD252524.7- 1.21Medium
ACMD323231.7- 1.81Medium
ACMD404039.7- 2.6Medium
ACMD505049.7- 3.78Medium
ACMD636362.7-63.033.55607.5 5.35Medium
ACMD808088.7- 8.95Medium
ACMD100100114.1- 14.64Medium
ACMD150150160.0- 28.6Medium
Rigid HD Electrical Conduit with Belled Ends AS2053-2:2001 (standard color Orange)ACHD202019.7- 0.83Heavy
ACHD252524.7- 1.15Heavy
ACHD323231.7-32.02.734005.0 1.62Heavy
ACHD40 4039.7- 2.34Heavy
ACHD50 5049.7- 3.32Heavy
ACHD63 6362.7- 4.89Heavy
ACHD80 8088.7- 8.3Heavy
ACHD100100114.1- 13.5Heavy
ACHD150150160.0- 26.72Heavy
ACHD40 4039.7- 2.34Heavy
ACHD50 5049.7- 4.62Heavy
ACHD63 6362.7- 6.81Heavy
ACHD80 8088.7- 11.44Heavy
ACHD100100114.1- 18.77Heavy
ACHD150150160.0- 37.05Heavy
NameITEM CODESIZEO.D. (mm)W.T.(mm)Length (cm)Socket Length (cm)Weight (kgs)Gauge
Rigid MD(UV Resistant) Electrical Conduit with Belled Ends AS2053-2:2001 (standard color White, can be also Grey)AS010161615.7- 0.49Medium
AS010202019.7- 0.68Medium
AS010252524.7- 0.87Medium
AS010323231.7- 1.31Medium
AS010404039.7- 1.87Medium
AS010505049.7- 2.72Medium
AS010636362.7-63.033.54007.5 3.84Medium
AS010808088.7- 6.45Medium
AS01100100114.1- 10.58Medium
AS01150150160.0- 20.63Medium
AS010808088.7- 8.95Medium
AS01100100114.1- 14.64Medium
AS01150150160.0- 28.6Medium
Rigid LD Electrical Conduit with Belled Ends AS2053-2:2001 AS010404039.7-40.022.64006.0 1.7Light
AS010505049.7- 2.25Light
AS01100100114.1- 6.98Light
NameITEM CODESIZEO.D. (mm)W.T.(mm)Length (cm)Socket Length (cm)Weight (kgs)Gauge
telecom bend (green or white)ASTB20-90-10026.8mm (3/4")/90°26.8 (+/-0.25)1.8 (+/-0.1) 38mm
telecom conduit (green or white)ASTC26.826.8mm (3/4")26.8 (+/-0.25)1.8 (+/-0.1)600




DescirptionSize mmItem No.Load Capacityoutside diameter(MM)Wall thickness(MM)Length(M)
(UK standards / Europe standards) Rigid PVC Conduit  16CC01016Light15.7 - 16.01.0-1.14
20CC01020Light19.7 - 20.01.1-1.24
25CC01025Light24.6 - 25.01.3-1.44
32CC01032Light31.6 - 32.01.45-1.54
40CC01040Light39.6 - 40.01.45-1.54
50CC01050Light49.5 - 501.9-2.04
16CC02016Medium15.7 - 16.01.20-1.354
20CC02020Medium19.7 - 20.01.35-1.454
25CC02025Medium24.6 - 25.01.55-1.654
32CC02032Medium31.6 - 32.01.8-1.94
40CC02040Medium39.6 - 40.01.9-2.04
50CC02050Medium49.5 - 502.5-2.64
16CC03016Heavey15.7 - 16.01.7-1.94
20CC03020Heavey19.7 - 20.02.0-2.24
25CC03025Heavey24.6 - 25.02.1-2.34
32CC03032Heavey31.6 - 32.02.2-2.44
40CC03040Heavey39.6 - 40.02.5-2.74
50CC03050Heavey49.5 - 50.02.8-3.04
63CC03063Heavey62.4 63.03.1-3.34


Other length is available.